About Us


We are a team of like-minded, dedicated and passionate individuals, inspired by all things natural. Through our various life experiences, we have come to recognize and appreciate the importance of the most valuable wealth ever – HEALTH. With that being the driving force, we are geared towards making our small contribution in creating a healthier society.

Deva Gruppen believes in healthy eating and eco-friendly products for green living and a better future. As the authorised distributor of Patanjali range of products in Norway, we stand united in bringing nothing but the best of nature’s purest and high-quality products to you. From everyday staple food, finger-licking snacks, exclusive beauty care and personal care to home care products – we have got it all covered.

Now, Norway has a quick, one-stop shop access to a gamut of pure, natural, vegan, vegetarian products. We are delighted to bring to you, your children, your friends and family – herbal, natural and healthy choices. What are you waiting for? Enjoy the best of health and taste with our newly launched range of Patanjali products.

We also strongly believe in promoting eco-friendly products, and ‘going green’ is a mantra we strictly adhere to. Deva eco-friendly products seeks to provide environment-friendly, sustainable alternatives to the Nordic region, be it in the form of leaf plates, cloth bags, or clay pottery.


We have been globetrotters, we have lived the fast life, working hard, and working smart every single day. We have eaten chaos for breakfast, and quite literally so! Our super quick, wink-of-an-eye lifestyle has been driving us crazy! In today’s digital age, with smart homes, high-speed cars, host of amenities, doesn’t life seem to be too very convenient yet too very complex?

Some of us feel that there is just so much happening around us that it leads to huge amount of pressure – that of choosing the best products for our own day-to-day needs – be it food, personal care or home care. Sellers are spoiling us with multiple choices of products. We are literally bombarded with so much of marketing information. It seems tough to decide! So many products have so many chemicals too…

…And, we wondered! We thought of reducing the complexities in life, in making living simple, natural and easy. With time flying by, we realized we needed something more rooted to nature, which will connect us, and strengthen our bond with Mother Earth. That’s how the concept of natural, vegan, healthy, vegetarian foods and other herbal products knocked at the doors of our minds.

With that began the DEVA GRUPPEN journey.


Our mission is to go green, go healthy, go natural, and bring the nature’s best offerings to the amazing people of Norway! We want you to discover the joy of eating, relish good food that promises taste and health, inch closer to nature with exclusive natural personal and home care products.

Join us in this healthy-living journey and enjoy its rich benefits!


Today, there is an increasing demand of natural, chemical-free products across the globe. As consumers, we are no more in the receiving end. We are well-informed and aware. Our preferences have evolved over the years, and we find more comfort in, and tend to instinctively trust, natural products over chemical and synthetic ones.

Patanjali Ayurved Limited, one of India’s most trusted FMCG brands, produces high quality, trustworthy and dependable herbomineral preparations for years. It is proven, tested, used by thousands of people across the world. Patanjali has been in the news for bringing about a healthier change in the society. And this time, we wanted to bring its products to Norway too!

And, guess what? We have been using Patanjali products ourselves and have also shared the same with our family and friends, out here in Norway. We are happy to inform you that they have cherished the same, and have personally recommend these exclusive, natural products too.

We, at Deva, trust the various Patanjali products in the offering, and want you all to welcome it with open arms, use it yourself and feel the difference. Be it the farm-fresh food products, chemical-free and rich in nutrients, or the pure, herbal personal care items – from toothpaste to shampoo, there is so much you can benefit from.